Regal Assets Review – Gold & Cryptocurrency IRA and 401k Reviewed

An In-Depth Review of the Regal Assets Bitcoin IRA/Gold and Crypto Self-Directed Rollover IRA

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Gold, silver, and cryptocurrency rollover IRAs are the best way to secure your retirement funds in these uncertain economic times. Gold and silver are the trusted investment option for securing wealth during a financial crisis – as traditional assets plummet gold increases in value.  Plus cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, offer an excellent investment opportunity outside of and independent of the failing global banking system. As economists warn of another imminent global economic crash in the 2020s – it’s time to start thinking outside the box.  It’s time to consider Gold & Cryptocurrencies!     

When it comes to securing your retirement financial plans it can be difficult to know which way to turn.  There are so many competing options and products out there that the whole market can appear overwhelming. You’ve worked hard to earn a comfortable retirement and you need to make a wise and informed choice when it comes to securing those funds into the future.

investing in physical goldHave you considered investing in a Gold and Cryptocurrency Self-Directed IRA?

With the current instability surrounding the creaking financial system now is not the time to be invested in traditional paper assets.  Conventional portfolios such as stocks and government bonds are high-risk assets in today’s financial climate. Economic analysts are today warning that we are on the precipice of another financial meltdown in 2020.  It’s time to start thinking about new ways of securing for the years ahead.  

A gold and cryptocurrency self-directed IRA may just be the solution you are looking for…

Gold and cryptocurrencies offer an alternative investment option, aside from the traditional avenues, that can secure your assets in these volatile economic times.  Precious metals such as gold and silver have long been the first choice of billionaires around the world when it comes to protecting wealth during unstable times. Gold has a history of gaining value as traditional assets begin to slide – making it a great choice for protecting wealth during times of political and economic uncertainty.

clos up image of a bitcoinSecurely Stored Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies And Gold are A Great Alternative!

Cryptocurrencies also offer a new and exciting investment option.  Since bitcoin was launched back in 2009 – cryptocurrencies have captured the public imagination and made a lot of people very rich, very quickly.  But the world of bitcoin can be a little intimidating for some. It is a new technology, a new market, and can seem confusing to those who are new to technology.  The cryptocurrency market has matured and stabilized in recent years with the introduction of increased controls and regulation. And its unique appeal centers around the fact that it is decentralized and exists outside of the current global banking system.  It offers a real alternative when it comes to looking for something stable in the face of a global financial crash.


That financial and economic system is on the edge of another collapse. US national debt has tripled in the last 11 years – rising from $8 trillion in 2008 to an unsustainable $23 trillion in 2019.  The whole global financial system is on the brink, again! China and Russia are in a race buying up gold and silver to protect themselves. Back in 2008, it all began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers before whole nations crumbled.  Industry experts and economic analysts are warning us that we are rounding that corner again.

The Statistics Are Scary

When you hear economic predictions regarding the failing Social Security program, the insane rate of inflation, and the amount of money the average individual will need in their retirement years, it is both shocking and scary.

In the infamous words of Tony Robbins:
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

While some individuals will continue to work hard and invest their hard-earned money in the customary, yet unstable, investment options, many are seeking out more creative ways to protect their investments, and in turn, secure their livelihood.

Regal Assets Bitcoin IRA / Gold Ira Rollover – An Alternative IRA

A Self Directed Rollover IRA allows you the opportunity to invest in both precious metals and digital currencies – such as bitcoin.  And when it comes to securing your retirement portfolio you want to invest with the best. Take a moment to have a look at Regal Assets – the industries leading Gold & Cryptocurrency investment company.  Regal Assets have been the worlds leading precious metal investment company for the last nine years in a row.

In this Regal Assets Review, we want to highlight that their gold and crypto IRA is the world’s first secure, custodial alternative assets facility that allows you to invest in both precious metals and digital assets.  And being a self-directed IRA you have full control over how your Regal Assets account is managed and which assets you wish to invest in.

investing computer screenSecure Your Retirement Portfolio With Gold and Cryptocurrencies – A Regal Assets Review

Financial stability, personal security

While you may only think of a stockpile of gold as something reserved for only the exceptionally wealthy, it is an increasingly popular investment option for both the wealthy and you and I alike.

  • One of the reasons gold has been attracting so much attention over the last few years is even with the trying economic times nationally and globally—the price of gold continues to not only be stable but to rise.
  • It is viewed as a prudent hedge against failure in economic systems and the decline in purchasing power of paper currencies.
  • Not only are individuals turning to gold as an investment opportunity, but gold IRA rollovers are becoming an increasingly popular way to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Added to that, many people have heard about and want to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, etc, but don’t know how to do it without getting scammed, and don’t know how to store them securely either.

I’m a Bitcoin investor and an IT expert, but even for me there are many potential pitfalls and it’s all too easy to make a mistake and lose my bitcoin private keys (and therefore my bitcoin), or those of any cryptocurrency for that matter.

So How Does Regal Assets Work?

Best to go straight to the horse’s mouth – here is the FAQ Copied from the FAQ page

With precious metals being a new assets class for investors there are a lot of questions for first-time buyers. Regal Assets is committed to helping investors enter the precious metals market with complete clarity of the precious metal markets. For many investors purchasing precious metals is a vital part of an investment portfolio and we want to make sure all of the important questions are answered before the big decision is made. Instead, we have listed the top 10 frequently asked questions our team receives on the trading floor of Regal Assets:


A: We have made the setup process as simple as possible. All you have to do is fill out the secured online form at Once the online form is complete our retirement account team will put together all the appropriate paperwork for you and once compiled, everything can be signed electronically online. Our retirement account team will do everything for you including working with your existing custodian to transfer the appropriate funds into your precious metals IRA account. We notify you every step of the way to let you know exactly where we are in the process. You could not have a more hands-free process for rolling over your existing retirement plan into physical precious metals.


A: It is very simple we will set up a self-directed IRA for you. Once your IRA account is set up with your new custodian our retirement account team will work with your current custodian in transferring over the appropriate funds into your new precious metals IRA. Once the funds arrive safely you can purchase the precious metals you desire. Our retirement account team will do all the hard work for you and only require one online form to be filled out to get the process started.


A: There are absolutely no tax ramifications or penalties for taking an existing retirement plan and moving it into physical precious metals. The process used is commonly referred to as a “rollover” or “transfer” and with this process, you will not incur any tax ramifications or penalties on your existing retirement account.


A: It is very simple; any IRA whether it is a Traditional or Roth can be rolled over successfully into physical precious metals. 401(k) retirement accounts are a little more complicated and your eligibility depends on if you are still employed by the same company or if you have an old 401(k) from a previous employer. If you have an old 401(k) from a previous employer it is very easy to roll over into physical precious metals. If you have an existing 401(k) with a current employer you may have challenges rolling over your plan into physical precious metals. For all other retirement plans or if you are unsure about your account you can call and speak with one of the experts to see if your plan is eligible to roll over into a range of physical precious metals.


A: Unfortunately not. The government sees precious metals as cash since they can be liquidated anywhere in the world with ease. All precious metal retirement accounts are held in a private depository of your choice that you can visit in person anytime you please. While precious metals are being stored for your retirement account they are fully insured by the Lloyds of London.


A: Yes to both. You absolutely own the precious metals in your retirement account and can receive them in your hand at any time. For all retirement accounts, storage is completely segregated and all metals are allocated. Allocated storage of precious metals is the best way to store gold, silver, platinum, and palladium because you are the direct owner of the precious metals, not Regal Assets or any other third-party. Regal Assets has no ownership interest in your precious metals and your receipt is your title to the precious metals owned and stored on your behalf. It is important to know that the government considers physical precious metals as cash and if you were to receive them in hand you would have to pay the appropriate taxes on your account, and if you cashed out before the age of 59 ½ you would incur additional penalties. To avoid all of this from happening your precious metals are held in a government-approved depository of your choice and when the proper time comes they can be delivered to your front door.


A: All fees are included in the price of the precious metals you purchase. The price your account executive quotes you for precious metals is the final price and there will be no additional fees added to it. All prices quoted are final and once you lock in the price you can expect that they will not change no matter how much the precious metals market fluctuates.


A: Absolutely! In fact, there is a larger list of precious metals available for purchases outside of retirement accounts which can cost a lot less and give you an advantage in your portfolio. All precious metals that are purchased outside your retirement account are delivered to your front door fully insured and typically arrive within 7 business days from the time your account funds. For purchases outside of your retirement account, Regal Assets accepts four payment methods; personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or bank wire.


A: Regal Assets suggest the immediate storage of precious metals once they arrive. For most investors, a safe deposit box at your local bank is the best place to store precious metals. They are relatively inexpensive and typically cost $75-$125 a year depending on the size. Safe deposit boxes are secure and easily accessible. You can visit your safe deposit box six days a week at most banks and can store additional items of value including stock certificates, important documents, and jewelry. Your safe deposit box is completely private and you are not required to disclose any information to the bank regarding the contents.


A: All packages are sent via UPS. On rare occasions, Regal Assets use USPS Registered Mail or FedEx depending on your location. All orders that are shipped out are sent in discreet packages and are fully insured for the full market value. Regal Assets takes full responsibility for all precious metals shipped until they are safely in your possession and fully accounted for. With larger institutional purchases all orders are delivered via Brinks and are accompanied by an armored guard.”

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Time For A Change

While investing in gold is not new, the concept of gold IRA rollover gives you the ability to diversify your portfolio in a way that traditional IRAs are unable to. If you are unfamiliar with IRAs, it is an investment account you open, most often to dedicate it’s earning to your retirement years. Like any investment, you hope that your IRA will consistently increase in value.  Regal Assets specialise in precious metal and cryptocurrency IRA accounts.

Let’s take a look at Traditional and Roth IRAs

  • While you control the amount of money contributed in both traditional and Roth IRAs, a bank or designated financial institution is the custodian of your accounts.
  • As the custodian of your account your bank or financial institution will offer you input and guidance on how to manage your investments—as well as provide you with account and investment statements, tax information, and documents.
  • While you are subject to taxes when you withdraw your money from your IRA, traditional IRAs have tax breaks for interest and gains before withdrawal. However, Roth IRAs are not subject to tax at the time of withdrawing because the money has already been taxed.
  • SEP and Simple IRAs are also a common option, both of which are retirement accounts set up by your employer.
  • Last but not least—self-directed IRAs which are similar to the other IRAs mentioned above—however, per their name, self-directed IRAs allow you the investor to diversify and customize your investments by your choice.
  • This includes stocks, private equity, real estate, and the all-important precious metals, and now cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Monero.

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Gold IRA Rollover

Versatility is the key to success in life and in investing alike. By opting for self-directed IRAs, you can diversify your investment portfolio by investing in precious metals and now, with Regal Assets, cryptocurrencies also. While you will still have an account custodian, such as your bank, you have the ability to request them to deliver to you the physical bullion and store it yourself or have it stored securely with a gold or precious metal custodian of your choice. While gold is a popular choice, silver, palladium,  platinum, and cryptocurrencies are excellent options also.  Regal Assets will advise you on the best precious metal options for your account.

wall street new yorkWhy Diversify?

There are many benefits to diversifying, from selecting a more stable investment choice to not putting all of your eggs in one proverbial basket. As you may already know, gold is a precious metal that has consistently preserved wealth among smart people for thousands of years. Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity with investors and hence in value also.

With a gold and cryptocurrency IRA, your investment will be a suitable hedge for traditional asset collapse (stocks, bonds) and the consistently fluctuating economies in the world. Even in an economy that is thriving, a dollar will not go as far in 5 years as it does today—but gold consistently holds value. Precious metals such as silver and platinum also retain their value better than paper or cash held in a bank account.

Gold Does Not Lose It’s Shine

Gold’s financial stability makes a gold IRA rollover the most stable of the precious metal IRA options. Gold does not tarnish, does not rust, does not react with oxygen—and even when discovered hundreds of years later at the bottom of the sea, only needs to be polished to look shiny and new.

Self-Directed Can Make A World of Difference

It’s your future, it’s your retirement—so why leave things solely in the hands of your IRA account custodian? With a self-directed IRA, you can invest in gold, crypto, and precious metals, allowing you to safeguard your investments with far more certainty than the ever-fluctuating dollar. When you opt for a precious metals or cryptocurrency IRA or 401k rollover, you must find an account custodian that is well-versed in self-directed IRAs. An experienced custodian will guide you in executing your precious metal IRA, and even with acquiring precious metals, and with purchase and storage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The desire to be financially stable is a common goal for individuals around the world. You can significantly increase your odds of long-term financial stability, and diversify your retirement portfolio with gold IRA or 401k rollover. If your current account custodian is not familiar with gold IRA rollover, they should be able to direct you to a specialist who can transition you from your current IRA—to your stable and secure gold IRA rollover. Our research has found that Regal Assets make this transition a breeze for you.

So, we have all heard the arguments against the reliance on stock market investment or cash alone for our retirement funds and in the security of precious metals, and this is only increasing as more and more gold companies appear on advertisements declaring the wisdom of gold investments in IRAs and the diversification of retirement portfolios.

The process should be straightforward enough – set up a suitable retirement fund, make some clever purchases in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, Ethereum or Bitcoin, keep them safely secured until retirement and then enjoy the benefits in the future; the problem, however, is in choosing the right gold company to do business with.  And as per the Regal Assets review feedback – the company are an excellent choice.

Regal Assets is a name that is sure to be familiar to many by now and has proven to be the biggest and most respected name around because of impressive customer service, it’s stellar ratings and reviews and it’s secure custodial product offerings. The Regal Assets Bitoin IRA was the first of it’s kind in the United States IRA market.

This review aims to take a closer look at what is actually going on with the company – the products, customer service, accreditations, and other details – to understand whether or not this automatic tag of “number one gold company” is actually deserved.

Should you go with Regal Assets, like so many others have, or should you try elsewhere?

At the time of writing, the company has a 5-star Trust Link Rating based on over 1000 customer reviews and no complaints on Yelp. Regal Assets comments revolve around customer service and the overall experience, such as those clients that say the company is a pleasure to work with and transition accounts with due to their excellent, consumer-friendly approach.

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The One and Only Regal Assets Complaint

The Regal Assets complaint in question is posted on a website called Ripoff Report. You will also find a response from Regal Asset’s CEO along with the research that he did in response to this complaint.

The complaint states that a customer had the wrong type of silver put into his precious metals IRA and he calls Regal Assets scammers and accuses them of bait and switch tactics. He also states that his lawyer has recommended that he does not talk to Regal Assets anymore and that there is a court case ongoing.

Regal Assets COO, David Green, wrote a rebuttal to the accusations and the Regal Assets complaints by saying that they researched who this client might be and they have only one customer with the first name and last initial of the accuser.

They contacted the client to make sure that he was satisfied and the customer confirmed that he was happy with his dealings with Regal Assets. He even posted a review of his experiences on the Regal Assets website.

Furthermore, there were no outstanding court cases or contact from lawyers which should lead you to understand that this complaint was bogus and probably perpetrated by a competitor, or worse.

The REAL Story Behind This Complaint

You see, here’s what you need to know about the website Ripoff Report. Although it’s always good to have a place where the general public has the ability to voice its opinion concerning their experiences with businesses, this site has been known for having some deceptive business practices of its own.

When a complaint or review is published on this site the owner states that he will never take that complaint down or remove it. The business owner has the ability to post a rebuttal but the really sketchy part about how this website is run is that for a fee, called their Corporate Advocacy Program, they will append the complaint so when someone visits their website after finding this complaint against your business they will have to scroll through reams of information about how your business is a member of their advocacy or “repair your reputation” program.

In short, the validity of these complaints is suspect. You can read more about this business practice which many have said borders on extortion. There have been lawsuits filed against this site and its owner but, to date, none of these charges have stuck.

Final Thoughts On This Complaint

So, as far as the legitimacy of the Regal Assets complaints on this site, I feel confident in deeming them untrustworthy, false, and probably posted by a jealous competitor. With a spotless track record with the BBB, (Better Business Bureau), and scores of clients that have done business with Regal and happy to recommend them to friends and family, Regal Assets has to have one of the cleanest records of any company that you’re going to find.  The customer reviews are highly positive.

In closing, while we all want to be liked and we all wish that everyone would be happy with us and pleased with our work, this goal of perfection is often elusive. On the other hand, it seems that Regal Assets has achieved this kind of reputation. With zero complaints and a perfect rating with the BBB and other consumer reporting agencies, you can feel comfortable doing business with Regal Assets. Whether you’re looking to open a gold IRA or invest in silver or gold, Regal Assets stands head and shoulders above the competition… and this is probably what led to the complaints in the first place!

Regal Assets Reviews From Past Clients:

us dollarsSummary: Why are Regal Assets such a force when it comes to Gold Investments?

It’s important to note the information that the company provides and its tone. There is a clear sense that this company has ticked all the required boxes in the evidence presented for the main criteria and that it passes all tests through consumer feedback and official accreditation with flying colors.

All the comments are positive, with very little hint at negative actions or omissions in their product line, and that is not because they were left out of the review but simply because they were not found amongst the regal asset reviews.

The consumers and BBB have nothing to complain about, the information on products, services, and fees appears to be completely upfront and there are no obvious problems.

It is this clean bill of health for that means it is impossible not to recommend Regal Assets as a company to do business with; however, our recommendation is more specifically due to the great performance on the subjects that matter most.

On a knowledgeable approach Regal Assets scores well on the availability of information and time in business, with the product selection it has a wealth of precious metals and retirement options, with the customer service it impresses with its personalized approach and support, with the fine print there is transparency on the low fees and delivery times and with the reliability issue, there are stunning ratings from users and official boards.

Simply put, people should choose Regal Assets over others because it performs in all categories when many others tend to have crucial failings and they endow a good sense of reliability and simplicity.

The company is thriving.  Tyler Gallagher, Founder and CEO, founded Regal Assets as an an international alternative assets firm focused on helping private and institutional wealth procure alternative assets for their investment portfolios. Regal Assets now has offices in Beverly Hills, Toronto, London and Dubai.

All you need to do to get started is fill in the form because Regal Assets then deal with your custodian so you can get started on investing in precious metals, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or whichever option you decide is best for you. It is a simple affordable step to a rewarding, customer-focused relationship, great retirement options, and financial security – not every gold company can promise that.  Regal Assets can!

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