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The Wealth Builder is an International Personal and Corporate Fee-Based Financial Advisory Firm

We need financial planners who are unbiased. Although some purport to offer good and free advice, they normally have specific products that they want to promote as they earn commission from these products. What they don’t tell you is that they are actually more of salesmen than advisors. The journey to fruitful financial planning begins with receiving quality advice from an unbiased, fee-based advisor.

We are advisors who take time to listen to you and understand your specific needs before offering advice based on all your circumstances. While you don’t always need to consult a financial planner, there are many situations where you can benefit greatly by consulting and obtaining a full financial review.

There is something about managing large sums of money that many people seem to struggle with. In fact, many end up living in financial hardship as a result of making ill-informed financial mistakes. Regardless of the amount of one’s savings or inheritances, using a financial advisor can help in the realization of personal financial growth opportunities.

Worry and conflict over money is a common scenario in divorces and separations. By seeking the services of a financial planner, it is possible to minimize potential losses in these situations.Engaged couples can find a way to combine their income and assets as they settle down in marriage. Bringing in a third-party helps protect you from making emotional mistakes. We can also help protect you from adverse situations which are well known to deny some people their hard-earned wealth in marriages, for example because of a lack of or a poorly concieved pre-nuptial agreement.

Articles and Reviews of Rollover IRA and 401k Plans

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