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In today’s complex world characterised by viciously volatile markets, it is difficult to operate without keen knowledge and experience. This forms the heartbeat of many businesses.

The Wealth Builder Club is a top tier American financial and investment services firm. Based in Florida and networked with prime international organisations within the finance industry.

This enables us to leverage on the investment prowess of top international money management firms, well known across the industry for their excellent wealth management performance.

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The Wealth Builder Club has deep expertise in both Personal and Corporate Wealth Management, but we also look beyond the industry and tailor our offering to meet the needs of the International market.

We have all the necessary skills and resources to take care of your wealth. Our customer approach demands a range of roles, skills and experience. We maintain a conservative strategy, yet focus on delivering on your investment objectives while balancing between opportunities and risks.

For the Individual

It is never easy to manage your finances. Personal finance management is an area that needs major reorganization and improvement. However, if you come up with a financial strategy that is professionally honed, you will be able to manage your finances well. All you need is to create a well balanced investment portfolio backed with pensions, insurance and efficient tax planning. These great combinations will help you secure your financial future. Consequently, you will not have to worry about you and your family’s future as you are more likely to achieve all your financial goals.

For Companies

Our employee assets management branch offers you a full scope of investments. This ranges from group pension to incentives benefits.

The Wealth Builder Club seniors are well versed with dealing with SMEs, mentoring new businesses, coming up with business plans, venture capital and different types of Corporate Finance.

About Jeffery Camarada CFA, EA

Our wealth management and retirement planning expert is Dr. Jeffery Camerada, PhD.

Jeffery’s PhD in Economics and Financial Planning places him at the pinnacle of financial planning qualification in the United States.

Additionally, a PhD in economics and finance equips you to pursue academic endeavors, such as teaching or doing research at a college or university.

Our wealth management firm, The Wealth Builder, was established in 2010 and now has over 16 years of experience serving clients all throughout the United States.

Individual needs and circumstances are taken into consideration while providing the best advise and services.

It is Jeffery’s policy to only provide fee-based services in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest arising from a client being sold insurance or investments. The company’s offerings include financial planning for wealth managers, courses on financial well-being, and personal financial planning packages.

Camarda Wealth Advisory Group was founded by Jeffrey Camarda, PhD, CFA, EA. He is also a member of the Financial Planning Association and serves as its Chairman.



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