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A Pension Plan that Will See You Through

We will help you plan for the future. Everyone will retire at one point and life is smoother if there was something stashed away to cover future expenses. In all developed countries; the population is ageing and state pension alone won’t see people through their old age.

This is due to the fact that without a young and vibrant working population, pensions will be taxed more for governments to raise enough money. We advise all future pensioners to consider having something extra. By having monthly contributions to an offshore retirement account, holders will benefit from a tax free gross when it matures.

We have in-house retirement fund specialists that will assess the value of your current pension and how much its going to be worth when you are 60-65 years old. You then get introduced to the premium features of our plans that ensure much more will be in your account when you finally retire. By starting to contribute early and getting expert advice from the Holborn Wealth Builder Club; you will get maximum returns that ensure a smooth and happy retirement.


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Dr. Jeffery Camerda, PhD, is a financial planner who specializes in wealth management and retirement planning.

With a PhD in Economics and Financial Planning, Jeffery represents the highest level of financial planning expertise and achievement in the USA

In addition to preparing you for a career in financial planning, a PhD in economics and finance also prepares you for academic pursuits, such as becoming a university professor in teaching or doing research.

Here at the Wealth Builder, our financial advisory company was founded in 2007 and services all across the USA with over 16 years of expertise.

In order to provide the finest advice and services, we pay close attention to the specific financial circumstances and requirements of each client.

In order to guarantee that our clients don't get a sales pitch for insurance or investments, as well as a lack of conflict of interest from a prospective commission-bearing corporations, Jeffery focuses on fee-based services. Financial planning for wealth managers, financial well-being workshops, and personal financial planning packages are all part of the company's offering.

Jeffrey Camarda, PhD, CFA, EA is also the founder of the Family Wealth Education Institute, is a member of the Financial Planning Association and serves as the Chairman of Camarda Wealth Advisory Group

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