How to Invest Your 401k in Cryptocurrency

How do you use your 401k to invest in cryptocurrency or bitcoin?  Firstly,  you need to convert your 401k into a Self-Directed IRA (Individual Retirement Account).  A 401k retirement account cannot be directly invested in cryptocurrency but a Self-Directed IRA can. Once you have switched over to the self-directed IRA you can go ahead and […]

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What are the benefits of investing in Bitcoin?

The bitcoin phenomenon has spawned collective insanity in the past decade. Cryptocurrencies are unpredictable. It’s difficult to predict whether they will serve as the global reserve currency or a store of value as popular as gold. Investing in bitcoin brings with it a chance to make massive profits, but some investors are wary about the […]

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What is a 401k?

A 401k is a retirement savings account that allows you to save money for your golden years. Contributions are made pre-tax, so you can lower your taxable income each year. The money grows tax-free and you can withdraw it without penalty once you reach the age of 59 and a half. A 401k is a […]

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Regal Assets Reviews

Unbelievably Smart -Regal Assets Review -Gold & Crypto IRA & 401k Regal Assets Independent & Unbiased Review – Precious Metals, Gold, Silver, Crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum IRA 401k Self Directed Rollover… Opening a Regal Assets Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency IRA in 2020 Regal Assets offer Bitcoin as an investment option in their alternative asset, self-directed IRA. […]

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Being Responsible with your Investments

Using Regal Assets and Being Responsible with Your Investments Trusting your money, investments and future to just anyone would be insanity. You want to be sure that responsible people, knowledgeable about investing as well as the particular type of investment you’re ready to make is just good common sense. You worked hard for those investment […]

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