Bitcoin and Gold IRA and 401K

Last Updated on 1st June 2022 by Jeffrey Camerda

Have you been looking around for the best Bitcoin IRA?

I’m going to share with you how you can buy Bitcoin with your IRA or 410k and start investing in crypto currencies.
And I’m going to get into more details on Bitcoin the safest way to invest for the long term. However, if you’re in a rush, you can click the link at the bottom of this video and it’ll take you to the main Web site, where you can get more details and speak to a live advisor.

Now as you probably already know, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. This is even to the point that banks and governments are investing in them, or considering to. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin has been seen by many as the safest and most promising crypto currency. And many experts believe crypto currencies are just getting started and will be going much higher.

Now there’s a few reasons why smart investors are including Bitcoin in their portfolios and some of them are

• Unlike the U.S. dollar that has almost unlimited supply, the Bitcoin supply is limited (which raises its value significantly). Only twenty one million can ever be mined.

• It is completely decentralized and free from central bank manipulation and government policies.

• Bitcoin has also been approved by the IRS as a form of currency.

• More and more people and businesses are using Bitcoin or accepting it in their businesses.

So if you’re interested in finding the best Bitcoin rate and want the safest way to invest in crypto currencies, then I’d recommend that you look into setting up a wallet with regal assets.

Why use regal assets?
The advantage here is mainly their special cold storage process to hold Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. This makes them a hacker-proof method, and protects the coins in case of physical or natural disasters. The reputation is also quite impressive; regal assets has maintained the highest rating profile in the precious metal industry for seven years in a row.

In addition, it’s fully insured in case of a disaster or theft and is protected in case of computer crashes malware spyware or viruses.

So how do you buy Bitcoin in your IRA? Well, the process is actually quite simple – it includes filling out a simple Bitcoin IRA form. After this, regal assets will set up your account in 24 hours. Every time you fund your account, the regal assets load your wallet and puts it in cold storage.

You can relax knowing that you’re working with the most trusted company in the business. So to learn more and get a free Bitcoin IRA guide now just go to, or click the link in the description below.
You can also speak to a live advisor and get all of your questions answered without feeling pressured by a sales representative to make a decision. So please share, comment and subscribe to this video. If you found it helpful, check out our link for your free Bitcoin IRA guide.

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