Effective Independent Investment
and Financial Planning

The Wealth Builder is an International
Personal and Corporate, Fee-Based Financial Advisory Firm

Services We Offer

We are not affiliated with any Pensions provider, and can help you, in an unbiased manner, to select a pension plan that best suits your individual needs.
Without good life, home and maybe income protection insurance, as unforeseen problems can be very problematic.
A tailored financial plan that suits you specifically, undertaken with care and consideration, will help you to achieve your wealth goals.
We can source mortgages from the myriad offerings on the market, in an unbiased fashion to best suit your circumstances.
Using our sound knowledge of the markets we help make your money work for you with minimum risk, e.g. Regal Assets IRA.
We can help you to write a will that will benefit your loved ones as you wish, with minimal tax implications.
We have sound experience of business management and administration.
The Wealth Builder Club offers a low-cost FX service to both individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Certified Financial Planner
Our life insurance partners AOR Insurances are there to help you with all of your term, whole of life insurance, serious illness protection and mortgage protection insurance.